Character Profiles:


There are a set of 14 questions below that you must answer and should take no more then 10 minutes to complete. Create another new page on your Wiki and give it the name 'Character Profile'. Copy the set of questions, then paste them into your post and answer them in relation to your chosen character. Don't forget to save your work!



1. Name:

2. Age:
3. Family members:
4. Race:
5. Social class:
6. Friends: (Include race)
7. Enemies:(Include race)
8. Occupation:
9. Religion:
10. Describe the character's house: (50 - 100 words)
11. List some of their good and bad personality traits: 





12. Daily routine: (E.g. 8:00am - wake up, 8:15am - Breakfast, etc)
13. Quotes, thoughts, and/or actions that define personality:
14. Does this character believe Tom Robinson is guilty?