In this activity students, in their groups, had to view a series of images and judge whether or not they were Just and Fair punishments for innocent people. Additionally students viewed the following videos and decide whether or not they are a Fair and Just representation of the issue they host.

Klu Klux Klan: Racism

Comedy and Racism

Racism and the Media: Minority Song


Students are to respond to images and videos which are depicting certain historical events in history and the influence of media. For the images students just need to respond to each image (a,b,c,d,e) and write whether or not they are Fair and Just. For the videos students have watched they need to decide whether or not the way these individuals are portraying Racism as Fair and Just. TIme aloud to respond is 5 minutes, viewing time not included. The teacher will view and grade your responses on your group Wikispace account.


Helpful Discussion Questions: Is This Fair and Just Images

  • picture a) Did all white people believe that lynching was an appropriate punishment for African Americans during the 1900s?
  • picture b) Do all members of the Dutch Mob support the hanging of African Americans?
  • picture c) Did all Orthodox German people believe in the genocide of the German Jews?
  • picture d) Do all Germans support the use of gas chambers in World War II?
  • picture e) Do all police officers use brutality in their job?


Helpful Discussion Questions: Klu Kluz Klan: Racism

  • Is this video a "Just and Fair" representation of the Klu Klux Klan?
  • Are all white people racist and memebers of the KKK?


Helpful Discussion Questions: Comedy and Racism

  • Is this video a "just and Fair" representation of African American comedians?
  • Are all African American's so blase and able to joke about racism?
  • Is racism able to be portrayed in comedy, or is it offensive?


Helpful Discussion Questions: Racism and the Media: Minority Song

  • Is this video a "Just and Fair" representation of white schoolboys in Colorado?
  • How does this depiction effect young people's image of racism

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