Now that you have watched the videos: Read below to find the instructions to your task

History of Slaves Part I

Michael Jackson: Black and White


Your Task is to create a consise paragraph, in your groups of 4, on each of the videos, making appropriate links between the message of each video and how it relates to the issues in To Kill A Mockingbird.To do this task, crlick 'New page' on the left hand side of the Wikispaces page, and call this page 'Paragraph writing'.  Each paragraph should be no shorter than 50 words and no longer than 150 words so you will need to be concise in your writting. Time aloud for this task is 10 minutes. The teacher will review all your Wikispaces online so put 110% into it. Students who add a creative flare to their Wikispace will be commended, keep this in mind.


Helpful Discussion Questions: History of Slaves Part 1

  • Students should consider the history of slavery and the effects of white European colonization on the Indigenous population.
  • Has the world's tolerance for equality and human rights stopped racism and discriminatioln from occuring?
  • Do you think that Atticus in To Kill A Mockingbird would approve of today's accecptance, or lack there of, of all races?


Helpful Discussion Questions: Micheal Jackson: Black and White

  • How does the media portray racism in popular culture in today's society?
  • Is the media a positive or negative influence when it comes to fighting racism and promoting equality around the world?


Create a new page of your Wiki. To do this, click on the 'New page' link on the left hand side of yur screen. Give your page the title 'Paragraph writing' and be sure to save your work!