Internal Monologue Task

 Students are to write a 300word (270 - 330 max) internal monologue from the perspective of one of the following character's in the novel directly prior to Tom Robinson's first appearance in court. Student's must encorperate their interpretation of the chosen character's emotions, idea's and view's of the situation into the monologue remembering to use the information they have learnt in the previous activites to predict the character's view points. Students are to use WIkispace in which to write the monologue and shall be given approximately 20 minutes to do this.


Choose your Character:

  •   Atticus Finch 
  •  Jeremy 'Jem' Finch
  • Jean Louise 'Scout' Finch
  • Mayella Ewell
  • Calpurnia
  • Heck Tate


Use your knowledge of the character profiles and general information you have gathered about racism to help you choose the particular character you want to write for in the monologue.

Whilst watching the film clip below student's should already be thinking and jotting down idea's of how they are going to create their particular character's reactions and ideas. 

Be sure to encorperate the information you already have in the character profile's you made as these will be your building blocks to which this entire assessment written.